12 images
12 images
20 images
20 images
30 images


Newborn Session
3 Month Session
6 Month Session
9 Month Session
Smash The Cake Session

grow with me Year Series


Up to a 3 Hour Session
Included 15 Images Via Download
Baby Only
Numerous Props, Drops, Wraps, Buckets, Outfits, Provided
Table Top & Props


* 1 - 12x12 Collage Print Each Session
* Slideshow to selected images at end of Sessions.
* Free Smash Cake

Did you know we offer a baby shower registry. Your guests can purchase a gift certificate for you as a gift. You can combine your gift certificates and apply them to any newborn, year series or regular session you would like. 

Baby Shower registry

15% off any other booked session within the babies first year.

Baby Shower Raffle is something I started that has become a huge hit at the showers recently. I'm sure you all heard of bring a pack of diapers to the shower to be entered into a draw. What I do is exactly that but for a photography session. I make it easy for your guests to contact me to purchase a $5 or $10 ticket ( which ever you prefer) and I will supply them with a digital copy of their ticket they can print and bring to the shower. ( Or send to you if they cannot arrive to the shower). The amount you receive can go towards any session you would like. Pending the amount of people who participate you can even get a full year series paid for. This is amazing and  no cost to you. 


Newborns are such an amazing time for any parent to experience. I myself am a mom of 3 and with them now being 9, 11 and 14 I totally understand what they mean by they don't stay little for long. Newborn session I prefer to do between the 5 day to 2 week mark, when babies are still fresh, flexible and more adaptable to move into certain positions. Newborn sessions are apx 3 hours. I provide all wraps, hats, outfits, buckets, drops and other odds and ends to make your newborn images a beautiful piece of artwork. You are more than welcome to include any specific props from home you would like to personalize any sets. Maybe you are a sports lover, or you have a beautiful blanket or knitted outfit someone close made, or maybe the nursery is themed or you want to do a set representing your career. The options are endless and we can brainstorm together to make your newborn session what you want. Remember these are your images so if you like less props and simple we can do that, if you like more rustic and nature we can do that, if you like colours and props we can do that, if you want the works and mix it all together, we can do that. I want your input so we can create artwork you fall in love with. Newborns there are a limited number of sessions I offer per month due to the work involved with these sessions. Newborn sessions are pre-booked generally months in advance to guarantee you a spot. Once your spot is reserved you then contact me once the baby is born and from there an actual date is booked. I like to do a phone consult at time of booking (or close to) to gather all information on what you are looking for, for this session. And once baby is born to do another quick call to finalize details and prepare you best for this session. 

#1. Keep baby awake at least 2 hour prior to the newborn session. As much as you can. I understand babies tend to sleep in the car on the way but before you make your way try to occupy baby as much as possible to keep awake. This way they are wanting to sleep more when they arrive. A sleep baby is best for newborn session as they are more co-operative and you get more poses, images from this session
#2. No need to get baby off feeding schedule. Ideally its nice to start with a full feed here in the studio but if its feeding time and baby is crying before you come go ahead and feed the baby at home and we can do top ups here till the next feed if need be
#3. Dress the baby in a zip sleeper at time of arrival. This way it makes it easy to remove clothes from baby if baby is sleeping at arrival. (no trying to fit a tight neck collard shirt over the head and make baby mad)
#4. Dress appropriate. The studio is cranked in heat and it will be warm. Be sure to wear light clothing like a t shirt so you are comfortable. If you in a thick long sleeve shirt or sweater you will be sweating. Trust me. 

Preparing For your newborn session

Things to bring to your session

1 warm cozy blanket to keep baby comfy between poses
2 soothers
3 bottles (incase) unless breastfeeding.
5+ Diapers
2 receiving Blankets 
Beverage or snack for yourself
Gripe water if your baby is gassy

Now Booking Lifestyle in Your Home Sessions  !!!

Up to a 1 Hour Session
Included 5 1mages Via Download
Baby ONLY -  ONLY for babies under 3 weeks
Wrapped ONLY
Table Top ONLY

Up to a 3 Hour Session
Included 20 Images Via Download
Including parents
Numerous Props, Drops, Wraps, Outfits Provided


Up to a 3 Hour Session
Included 25 Images Via Download
Baby Only or Including Parents
Numerous Props, Drops, Wraps, Outfits Provided
1- 12x16 Canvas
1 12x12 Collage Print
5 Standard Prints of your choice
Sibling Add on $30



Newborn Mini

Regular Newborn Baby Only

Newborn Including Parents

The Newborn Plus - including Parents

1 Hour at Home lifestyle Session; Includes natural in home setting. There will be no props brought to in home sessions, only wraps. These sessions captures the natural life at home with a baby.
Includes 15 Images
$315 + hst ( Travel fee pending location )

Siblings Add On Additional $30

Additional Fee'a apply for Parent or Sibling Add Ons

Starting at $385+hst

Package #1

Customized Set up for Cake Smash 
1 ½ Hour Session
4 Drops of your Choice ( 3 themed and 1 plain)
Tub splash included on same cake smash drop
25 images via Download
(Client Brings their own Cake)

Package #2


Cake Smash & Splash ( with set ups available in studio)
Sets I have in Studio
1 ½ hour Session
3 drops of your choice ( 2 themed and 1 plain)
Tub splash included on same cake smash drop
25 Images via Download
(Client Brings their own Cake)

Smash the Cake 1st Birthday

Oh These are one of my favourite sessions to do. Did you know smash the cake doesn't have to be just CAKE... it can be any food your little one loves that makes a mess such as watermelon, spaghetti, ice cream, pudding. We start the session off with regular images from other drops you choose. We then finish with a mess, and I Mean mess. With that being said I always include some bath images at the end. This helps clean baby as much as possible before bringing them to the studio washroom where I have a deep sing almost like a fancy wash bin for the convenience of washing your baby. I always suggest for parents to wear clothes they are okay to get messy or possibly stained pending the icing or food they choose.
There are two options available for this style of session the one is the use of any props / drops I have available here in the studio. Client is responsible to bring own smash cake (or food of their choice) , and smash cake outfit.
The custom option is I will create the theme you are looking for. Whether that be a new drop ordered, props, which ever I need to create your vision. Pending how elaborate that option starts at $375. I suggest booking 3 months in advance for the personalized option.  

Custom Name / Block Letters available for additional purchase. Please contact me for more information




Small Gathering / party


1 Hour Outdoor Session
25 Images
1 location Windsor, Lasalle, Amherstburg, Essex, Kingsville area

1 Hour Outdoor Session
25 Images
1 location Windsor, Lasalle, Amherstburg, Essex, Kingsville area

Single Family / couples / Maternity / Children

Sheets, canvas, collage, albums available A La Cart

1 1/2 Hours of coverage
no limit on photos
1 Location
*Weddings not included They have their own packages

Sheets, canvas, collage, albums available A La Cart

Sheets, canvas, collage, albums available A La Cart

Outdoor Session

15 minute session
1 child
1 set up or 1 location
1 outfit of your choice
5 Images
*Only offered on Special Mini Days

30 minute session
1 child - 2 outfits 
2 Children (siblings) –1 outfit each
1 location
8 Images
* Only offered on Special Mini Days

45 minute session
1 child – 3 outfits 
2 Children (siblings) – 2 outfits each 
Additional sibling fee for more than 2 children 
1 location
12 images
*Only offered on Special Days

Package #1

Package #3

Package #2




Mermaid sessions are a magical session for all little girls. With Mermaid outfits and halos provided this beautiful experience you won't want to pass up. 3 packages are available for your choice of outdoors or in studio. In studio Mermaid sessions are now available to add on to any in studio regular 1 hour session for $25. Add ons are not available for regular outdoor sessions. These packages are per 1 individual family. If you wish to book with family from other households we can book your separate sessions back to back with some time in between to capture images of the kids together. 

Gift certificates are available for mermaid sessions. These make an amazing gift for any little girl 

Mermaid Session Outdoors

1 Hour Session
1 Child
3 Backdrop Choices
20 Digital Images

1 Hour Session
4 Backdrop Choices
(3 themed & 1 plain)
25 Digital Images
Up to 3 Siblings

1 Hour Session
5 Backdrop Choices
25 Digital Images
Up to 3 Siblings
5 Standard Sheets of your Choice
1 – 12x12 Collage Print

Package #1

Package #3

Package #2




~ 1 Hour sessions are awesome for variety. I have so many amazing themed backdrops available for your little one. With that being said I also have a good handful of plain simple drops and I always suggest choosing at least 1 plain drop for every session.
~ The 1 hour sessions are valid on any babies 6 months and older. (Younger than 6 month require the 3-6 Month or Newborn - 3 Month Package).
~ The studio is meant for children so not many family drops/ adult drops available. I suggest doing family or couples outdoors. Maternity sessions are simple and I can offer a maternity session in studio. I do suggest if momma wants to include other children in that session than forsure outdoors would be a better option.
~ Mermaid Sessions are now eligible for an add on to be included in your in studio session for only $25.
(They used to have their own days for studio). Outdoor Sessions are still independently booked. These packages are available for individual family only. Multiple children from other households additional add on fees apply.

Regular 1 Hour Instudio Sessions
(must be at least 6 months or older)

Custom Name letters / Number blocks available for additional purchase

Package #1
$250+ hst
1 Hour
2 Backdrop Choices, Props / Buckets
8 Digital Images
Baby Only

Package #2
$275+ hst
1 Hour
2 Backdrop Choices, Props / Buckets
10 Digital Images
Parent / Sibling add on $30 ( extra 15 minutes ) 

Package #3
1 - 1 1/2 Hr
3 Backdrop Choices, Props / Buckets
15 Digital Images
Up to 3 Siblings / parents

These Sessions are for babies 3-6 Months not sitting up alone. 

3 - 6 Month Session - Not Sitting up Alone

$2,700+hst includes;

30 Minute Complimentary Engagement Session 

* Photography up to 6 Hours
- Girls Getting Ready / Guys Getting Ready (pending when 6 hours is up)
- Ceremony
- Outdoor Photos
- Reception (pending when 6 hours is up)

* Disk of images numerous edits and effects
* 1 - 11 x 14
* 1- 8x10s
* 2 -5 x 7 prints

$3,200+hst includes;

* 1 Hour Complimentary Engagement Session OR Trash the Dress Session

* A Full Day of Photography up to 10 hours
- Girls Getting Ready
- Guys Getting Ready (If time and location is not an issue)
- Ceremony
- Outdoor Photos
- Reception until apx 10pm
* Disk of images with numerous edits and effects
* 1 - 11 x 14
* 2- 8x10s
* 5- 5 x 7 prints

* DVD slideshow of multiple photos with music and special effects.

The Engagement sessions and slideshow offer are complimentary to your wedding package. They are not mandatory to have but no monetary amount is discounted
(A traveling fee may be applied pending on location of wedding)
A 50% non refundable Booking Fee is required to book to hold and secure your day.

Second Photographer - $250-$600
 A Professionally published photo book of selected wedding photos - $400+hst
DVD Slideshow additional Disks - $30+hst
Additional USBS - $25+hst
Additional Disk Set Printed - $50+hst
Childhood Slideshow - You scan and send on USB - $225 for 3 songs - $30 Additional Song After
I scan images for 3 Songs $265+hst  - $30 additional Song after - $30



Package #1 - STUDIO
1 Hour
2 Backdrop Choices
15 Digital Images
5 Digital Specialty Images
Children -  $15 Add On
Spouse Included

Package #2 - OUTDOORS
$225+ hst
1 Hour
25 Digital Images
Spouse Included
Children Included

30 Minute Studio / 30 Minute Outdoors
1 Backdrop Choice / 1 Location in Amherstburg
30 Digital Images
Spouse Included
Children Included

Package #4 - Lifestyle at Home
1 Hour At Home Lifestyle
25 Images
Spouse Included
Children Included
*Travel Fee may apply pending location of your home.


Book your Maternity & Newborn together and get 15% off your Maternity Session